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The best recruitment software we've ever used. We are now able to interview more people that leads to better hires and it has freed up our days to focus on more important tasks. BEST SOFTWARE!

- Marlize Lombard, COO, The Beancounter

“Wamly changed our lives!”

Wamly is the best recruitment software we have ever used! It has given us valuable time back to focus on transformational work! Finding the right people for the right roles has now become so much easier with a lot less effort!

Wamly has exceeded our expectations and best of all it comes with an amazing team that is a true extention of your own team and organisation!

Wamly has given our recruitment process momentum! What a great investment!

- Desiré Pauw, Divisional Executive Human Capital, Momentum Investment

“Interviews went from months to days…”

Wamly has made it so simple: Interviews that I would have spent months on, were concluded in only a week. The user friendly system made it very easy and I enjoyed every second of using this system. I would highly recommend Wamly to anyone.

- Sharon Naidoo, HR Officer, Connect Financial Solutions (JD Group)

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